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About MotoOES

IMG 0386lmMotorcycles – this is our passion, which is inseparably connected with our profession. This passion that allows us to combine the pleasure of riding on a motorcycle with professional work. For this reason, our students have no problem with passing the external exam, which is evidenced by the high pass rate.

Our goal during the course of the driving licence for category A, A1, A2 and AM is - apart from preparing for the state exam - is also to share knowladge with students of how to drive a motorcycle efficiently and how to enjoy driving.

After your MotoOES course, you will be proud of your skills, and other motorcyclists will be envy on you for your perfection in driving in and out traffic movement and also overcoming obstacles.

We have a extensive experience instructional as well as motorcycle riding, but we are constantly improving our skills and qualifications. We participate in many events, such as motocross races, enduro races, choppers, sports motorcycles. Possesing such extensive experience, we can advice you on the selection of your first motorcycle.

MotoOES - Szkolenia MotocykloweOur team of instructors consists of people who - apart from having adequate preparation for driving lessons in the categories AM, A1, A2 and A and regularly train OES students - they are also active and passionate on riding motorcycles also in their free time. That is why we share with our students not only the knowledge necessary to pass the state exam, but also the knowledge and experience useful in later, independent riding.

MotoOES is part of the OES Group, which currently consists of four entities: OES Training Centre of Driving, OES Transport, OES Psychotechnical Workshop and, of course, MotoOES.

We have created a Group to deal with transport theme in a comprehensive way and also to ensure that each of our Unit deals only with the problems of a given category. Thanks to that we can provide a very wide range of services at the highest level, simultaneously guaranteeing attractive prices.


Kościuszki 54
Kraków 30-114




+48 (12) 422 02 66

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